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There are three main steps to getting your Conceal Carry Permit

  1. Register for a Conceal Carry class
  2. Attend and pass a Conceal Carry class
  3. Register with the State

Kansas Tactical instructors are proficient in this class, and will bring real life experience to the classroom. This allows you to share your experiences with them and receive valid feedback for the "What should I have done?" scenarios. Let their law enforcement experience across multiple jurisdictions work for you.

The idea of the Concealed Carry class (CCH) is to better educate citizens in matters concerning carrying handguns, laws regulating the carrying of handguns, and when it is justified to use a handgun. While there are requirements you must meet in order to be eligible to carry a concealed weapon, the class itself is certain to educate everybody. Police are reactionary in nature most of the time; that is they respond to a problem already in progress, or follow up on a problem that is over. When you find yourself in a position where your life or the life of somebody near you is in immediate danger, you need help NOW!

Take the class, Take control!

Current class schedule

  • Wichita----->Saturday 3rd of May 2014
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